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Recovering the pickup
1. Introduction
2. Stripdown begins!
3. Rolling chassis stage
4. Chassis stripped down
5. Further chassis pictures
6. Cab & panels removed
7. Springs and front axle
8. Refurbished chassis
9. E93A engine overhaul

7. Springs and front axle overhaul.

Stripdown and repaint of these suspension components

Now its the turn of some suspension and axle components to be refurbished

Front & rear leaf springs stripped for painting
Front & rear leaf springs back together

"We've turned the corner here! The front and rear springs were dismantled, de-greased, blasted and sprayed individually. This should avoid unsightly rust streaks appearing from between the leaves. Graphite grease was smeared on the leaves before they were re-assembled."

Here are some more photos showing work done on stripping, painting and overhauling the front axle, to which the refurbished front spring will be fitted.

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