Special feature at e83w.co.uk featuring the restoration of Pats E83W pickup truck
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Recovering the pickup
1. Introduction
2. Stripdown begins!
3. Rolling chassis stage
4. Chassis stripped down
5. Further chassis pictures
6. Cab & panels removed
7. Springs and front axle
8. Refurbished chassis
9. E93A engine overhaul

Classic Ford pickup restoration.

A series of articles detailing the extensive restoration work done to a Ford Thames E83W truck in the UK.

Firstly, a big thanks to Pat for sending me endless emails, notes, and even an album of printed photos with which to build this new section on the E83W website. Without all this, I'd never have been able to feature a series of restoration articles on the site.

Pat has been engaged in a thorough stripdown of his classic Thames pickup, back to the chassis, then building it back up, refurbishing parts as required. The end result, due sometime in 2005 with a little luck should be a great addition to the ranks of running E83Ws out there.

This section will evolve as the restoration work continues and I find time to update the site, so please pop by every now and again to see whats new. Even if you don't own an E83W, much of the work covered will apply to people restoring Populars, Eights, Tens, Prefects and the smaller 5cwt Fordson van, so hopefully this new section will be of use to sidevalve owners everywhere.

I'm currently recommissioning my own pickup, so hopefully I can feature that here soon too. If you are rebuilding an E83W, or know of someone who is, please consider sending articles to further build up this corner of the E83W website.

All articles are reproduced in good faith, I cannot endorse or recommend views, restoration tips, workshop tips, or any other content within articles sent to me. All advice is just that, advice, not gospel or necessarily the best or safest way to do something. If you're not too confident in restoration matters, you're better off getting someone who knows what they are doing to work on your truck. Merry reading, I hope you find this section of interest.

Links to articles will be added to the lefthand menu in due course, as and when I find time to add them in. Thanks again Pat for sending your stuff through.
Please do not reproduce any item found on this website in any format, or hotlink directly to images hereon, thanks.