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Recovering the pickup
1. Introduction
2. Stripdown begins!
3. Rolling chassis stage
4. Chassis stripped down
5. Further chassis pictures
6. Cab & panels removed
7. Springs and front axle
8. Refurbished chassis
9. E93A engine overhaul

3. E83W now down to the rolling chassis stage.

Hours of stripdown result in this rolling chassis.

After a great deal of work, the E83W body and cab are removed, revealing the original rolling chassis for the first time since 1957.

chassis and running gear now on view once the cab and rear pickup body have been removed
Pat's notes continue:

Now reduced to a rolling chassis. It was then pressure washed to remove caked-on grease, oil and dirt to make the sandblasters job easier.

The close-up shot of the engine is one of literally dozens of reference photos taken. Although expensive, these photos are invaluable, as it is impossible to remember, months or even years later, how everything fits together.

They are also an interesting record of what has been done. They are put in cheap flip albums for easy reference. As well as the photos, drawings are made in a book, detailing any parts that are stripped down. A note is also made, in the back of the book, of any missing parts etc.

1172cc e93a Ford engine sat in the chassis

Rick's extra notes:
The installation of the engine in the E83W is unique to this model, and unlike contemporary Popular and Prefect saloons, is offset to the passenger side - ie semi-forward control. This photo clearly shows the optional canister-type filter that could be fitted to the E93A 1172cc sidevalve engine (10hp), mounted on the front engine mounting bracket. Also visible are rubber engine mountings that are beginning to deteriorate - fortunately service items such as this are available new. The pin sticking out of the timing chain cover is used to time the engine, it is removed, turned around and pushed back in to that hole, until it drops into a recess. Also shown here is the 6v dynamo (no alternators on original-spec upright Fords!), Zenith carburettor, AC fuel pump, and the nearside lever arm damper.

Ford 10cwt front chassis and steering arrangement

The photograph above shows another view of the front axle & suspension arrangement of the Ford E83W range. Apart from the engine & ancillaries, all the major running gear items shown here are unique to the 10cwt van and pickup models - brakes are beefier than on similarly aged Pop and Prefect saloons, steering arms and suspension components are designed specifically for the E83W, as is the steering box. When buying secondhand steering boxes, have a good look at the box mounting bracket as alloy ones can fracture across the bolt mounting holes. Earlier Fordson variants have a heavier duty iron mounting and don't suffer in this way.
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