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Recovering the pickup
1. Introduction
2. Stripdown begins!
3. Rolling chassis stage
4. Chassis stripped down
5. Further chassis pictures
6. Cab & panels removed
7. Springs and front axle
8. Refurbished chassis
9. E93A engine overhaul

8. Refurbished chassis.

The stripped and painted axles are refitted to the E83W chassis

Some mechanical parts are re-fitted to the blasted, repaired and painted chassis.

The bare chassis after painting

"The stripped out chassis frame has been blasted, primed and given one top coat. Welding repairs to a few small cracks were carried out first. Once it has been built up again, the exposed bits will be flatted off and given final top coats. This will paint any fixings, bolts etc.."

Rolling chassis with refurb'd axles fitted

"Near the end of Stage One - VERY SATISFYING!! All new clevis pins in the brake system have been fitted. Two fulcrum shafts were re-turned & re-bushed to take out the wear. New front brake cables have been fitted. The original rear cables were retained, as they run in conduits with provision for lubrication, and were in good order. They were thoroughly cleaned up and re-used as they were in good order. When these photos were taken, it only needed the tracking set and the brakes fine tuned. The wheels and tyres will be dealt with later. We'll probably have the wheels powder coated."

Rolling chassis with refurb'd axles fitted

"Note the button headed bolts, used to secure the cab mounts & body mounts. A blob of filler has been pushed into the sockets in the bolt heads. Once smoothed off, and painted, they will look very like the rivet heads, originally used to secure them to the chassis frame (the shanks and nuts are out of sight once the cab and body are back in place)."

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