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Postcard showing the ten ten Australian model of E83W
French brochure cover showing a 2 tone 10cwt
ARP Fordson Ambulance from WW2

Ford 10cwt E83W Commercial vehicle.

Original literature from 1930s - 1950s.

Collection of E83W Literature & Memorabilia
Over the 19 years of E83W production, a vast array of literature was produced for E83W vans, pickups, fire tenders, ambulances and other bodywork variants.

Some of my collection is reproduced below, just click on any of the thumbnails below to see a bigger version. Next I hope to add some scans of non-UK catalogues and Ford brochures, if you have anything that would look good on this page by all means email it over, as many have already done.

Wanted: A copy of the wartime Fordson ARP (Air Raid Precaution) Emergency Ambulance brochure shown on the right - does anyone have a spare copy please? or good quality scans would do for starters..

Australian versions of the E83W were called the Ten Ten (10hp 10cwt), thanks to Frank for sending this scan, showing the Ten Ten Estate Car Convertible.
Thames Trucks brochure, featuring both 5cwt and 10cwt vehicles. Printed in USA for US market in 1951.
Thames 10cwt Vans, colour airbrushed sales catalogue printed in England 1955.
Fordson Vans, incorporating 5cwt and 10cwt Fordson vans and pickups, printed in 1949.
USA issue single sheet for the 7 passenger Thames Estate Car E83W, published in 1950. Note export style front parking lights and overriders.
Martin Walter Ambulance catalogue based on the Utilecon estate, published 1949.
10 cwt Fire Tender E83W published in 1953.
Pig Swill & Salvage Collector based on the 10cwt chassis, published 1953.
10 cwt All Purpose Ambulance, printed in England 1953.
Builders Truck (pickup) 2 page catalogue, published in 1951.
Fordson Car-o-van dual purpose body published in 1949.
Thames 10cwt Insulate Van for Quick Frozen Foods & Ice Cream, published 1950.
Thames 1/2 ton Pickup (steel version), US version showing bumper overriders etc, printed 1950.
Vinyl Single picture disc, showing a '55 Fordson van with supercharged V6 (actually a Thames).
A5 sized 10cwt Parts List printed 1951.
Thames 10cwt handbook, publ 1955 and typical of the style sold with 50s Thames vans/pickups.
Schedule of Repair Charges booklet for both 5cwt and 10cwt vehicles, published 1952.
Measham Magazine from March 1949 featuring the Fordson 10cwt van.
Thames Vans small format brochure, printed 1950.
Thames Vans, inc 5 & 10cwt Thames vans/pickups. Published 1952.
Copy of a magazine advert showing a steel backed E83W pickup with a larger ET6.
This is the first of the E83W brochures, printed in 1938 and franked by the Engineers Dept (?) in Jan 1939. These E83Ws were the plushest, most luxurious of all (!), note the wind up windows and steering column lock/ignition!
Not a very exciting cover alas for this September 1946 catalogue, perhaps colour ink was in shortage after the war?? both 5cwt and 10cwt commercials feature here. E83Ws still had floor mounted handbrakes in '46 although windup windows and centre throttles were gone, for UK models anyway.
A very unusual catalogue by a 3rd party coachbuilder, Airscrew - Jicwood no less, seen here with their range of insulated body styles. Inside are grocer and butcher delivery vans for our chassis, and other bodies for larger lorries. The 10cwt body was also available in knocked down guise for export and assembly overseas.
Very nice black and white Ford press photo, showing a 1950s Thames van signwritten for the Monroe Calculating Machine Co. Ltd of Albemarle St, London. The interior screen sliders are chromed in this shot too, not sure they were sold like that.
This Fordson catalogue dates to 1947, and covers both 5 and 10cwt commercials. There are 2 versions of this catalogue, one having slightly amended E83W artwork compared to the earlier example (which has a poorly drawn cab, improved in the later issue). Floor handbrakes are still shown here, but the winding windows of the earlier issue are now airbrushed out.
This scan shows a tall narrow brochure folded out, produced quite late in production during 1956. Several styles of body are illustrated, inc builders truck, salvage collector, laundry van, estate, ambulance and pickup.
This unusual release from Ford introduced the steel body pickup truck, confirming as I thought that this particular bodystyle was built by Antony Hoists Ltd. The single sheet flyer shows a drawing at the head of the page, followed by technical spec. Interestingly (well I thought so) the drawing shows a shorter rear body than that which was actually built, showing here the spare stacked vertically behind the cab, and fuel filler neck exiting ahead of the rear body, as opposed to through the body as was actually made.
Another Ford issued flyer, this time for the 10cwt Utility, and also dated 1950. This looks like the Utilecon to me, and the text refers to the easily removable rear seating.
Please do not reproduce any item found on this website in any format, or hotlink directly to images hereon, thanks.