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Bits n Bobs Part 2.

Yet more snippets of E83W stuff

References to 10cwts continue to crop up, more the merrier! If you've stumbled across an article in an old magazine, or period advert, please consider sending it over to include on this site. A scan is fine.

NAAFI food van
Wartime NAAFI food van

There are loads of photos showing a surviving food van elsewhere on the site. The photo here I took in June 2005 at the Gaydon motor museum (at a classic truck show ironically). All around the walls of the museum are images of motoring through the last 100 years or so, and for 1942 they have this huge image of an E83W food van (JNO 323) feeding volunteers cleaning up after a bombing raid most likely.

Customised van
'55 Fordson 7" single

RUF 154 is a very modified van. This picture disc was one of a set that showed customised classic vehicles. The van shown is a '55 Fordson (shouldn't it be a Thames???) powered by a supercharged Ford V6 motor - I hope the brakes were uprated too! The tunes on this classic bit of vinyl are 2 re-releases of 1958 songs. Things people do to E83Ws eh!? This actual van recently surfaced for sale on a well known auction website, now painted black, jacked up, and on chrome wire wheels (mmmm) - see the photo at the top right of this page, showing RUF 154 as it is now.

Doree Bonner picture
Doree Bonner van

Thanks to Doree Bonner for ok'ing me to use a pic I found on their website (while I was searching for Bedford information!!), it shows a Fordson 10cwt parked up in a field alongside some much larger, removal, vans. The photo dates to 1953.
Please do not reproduce any item found on this website in any format, or hotlink directly to images hereon, thanks.