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Australian van

E83W Wiring diagram.

Handbook scan showing the electrical layout on the E83W

10cwt wiring diagram

The scan above is the standard E83W wiring layout for a RHD UK spec van or pickup. Export models may differ slightly, especially LHD variants, but the core elements will be very similar. All UK models were 6v positive earth from new, perhaps someone can advise for export models?

Added 24 March 05
Les, via the site forum, adds the following re wiring looms and the suitability of a RHD loom on a LHD vehicle:
I was looking at the E83W Wiring Diagram on your site. I can confirm that North American Export (N.A.S.S. -North American Sales and Service as Ford called them) models were positive ground. I found that the RHD loom (from AutoSparks American agent BWI Inc.) fit the LHD model well. It was only necessary to turn it upside down so that the fuel and Amp gauge wires fit. Ford simply reversed the order of these two instruments in LHD models. Only the horn button wire that connects to the wire inside the steering column was wrong as it ended up being on the opposite side(an extension bit had to be added to reach) -everything else works! Of course extra harnesses for the export sidelamps are needed.
Please do not reproduce any item found on this website in any format, or hotlink directly to images hereon, thanks.