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A third page showing E83Ws in original black and white photos.

Can you add to those featured here?

Photos of E83Ws in magazines
Small cuttings from old magazines
Les sent over some scans of E83Ws that featured in truck magazines from the 40s and 50s. They didn't reproduce too well, hence they are quite small - however they are very interesting so worth including still! Picture 1 is of an ice cream van operated by J. Dagostino (Portsmouth) Ltd, and was supplied by Royal Blue Garages of Southsea - coachwork by Vickers Motor Body Co Ltd, also of Portsmouth. The lovely coachbuilt example in Picture 2 was by Jennings of Sandbach, for Lloyds Garage of Stafford. It was constructed using seasoned hardwoods. Finally in this small set is Picture 3, and this shows a Fordson designed to carry window cleaning equipment for New Century Cleaning Co Ltd, of London. Great stuff!

Maidstone and District van
E83W standard 10cwt van, seen in 1959
Seen here, a photograph kindly sent over by Philip Gates in May 2005, showing an E83W he photographed in 1959 when he worked for M&D Bus company. "I took this photo in 1959 when I worked at Knightrider House, Maidstone, for Maidstone & District Motor Services. This Bus company used to have one of these vans at most of their main Garages in Kent & Sussex.". Great photograph, thanks for emailing that over. Is WKT 719 still around?? the registration number rings a distant bell in my mind, but I'm probably mistaken! I really like the advertising board that runs diagonally across the roof, its a shame more E83Ws in preservation don't feature this style of ad board, I might have to put one on my van when ready for the road. The standard of the paint finish looks superb too.

Are there any more great olde worlde E83W photos out there that could be featured?

Thames panel van
Former gas company E83W in the 1960s
Phil Sherry kindly sent this photo over in November 2005 of a van he owned in the 1960s when he was 15, and says: ".... I did have a Ford 10 van, but that was back in 1962, I was 15, I bought it for 8, it was a wreck then but I learned to drive in it (in fields) and work on Ford side valve engines. When I passed my test at 17 I went on to buy an E93a Prefect. Still hope to restore an old Ford someday. I have attached a photo, I believe the van was about 1948 and was owned by the gas company.

That old van meant a lot to me, which is why I kept the photo, I would dearly love one now but its not possible just yet. My old mum was really pleased when I sent her the link to your site. The family often mention a Christmas day when I was 15, it was cold and frosty but I was outside all day trying to get it started on the handle. I wouldn't quit until I figured out what was wrong, I can still remember how the engine sounded. There was a lovely one near me a few years ago in a place on the Runwell Road Wickford but I haven't seen it lately, a real head turner and rightly so. Your probably aware of this but near me (Billericay, Essex) there is Barleylands Farm and every year they hold the Essex Show, steam engines and the like, a real good day out. There is always a very good turn out of classic cars and trucks, well worth a visit next year perhaps. I will be keeping up to date with the web site Rick, and its great that people like yourselves look after the old vehicles, I hope to join you someday."

Thanks a lot for the pic Phil, thats just the kind of period photo I love to find!


Woodie station wagon
A beautifully built woodie seen here in the 60s
Dave sent me these two photos of a very nice E83W woodie he owned in the late sixties, purchased already fitted with this unusual rear coachwork. Whoever built that rear body really knew their trade, just look how nicely the rear verticals curve in as they drop down. The doors too are coachbuilt. Here is Dave's story:

"My Dad bought it for me in 1966 for 25.00. I was 19. It had been first registered in Halifax. When we got it it was from the son of a friend who worked in a garage in Dewsbury as an apprentice mechanic. It was chocolate brown with the original wood grain effect on the aluminium panels. He had enhanced it with various public information signs such as 'Fire Exit' and 'Ladies' on the passenger door. The coat of arms which isn't very distinct on the picture was an old chromium BMC lorry badge. Needless to say the rear bench seat was fully reclining.....

I ran the 'brake for 12 months including a memorable lads camping trip to Robinhoods Bay in the spring of '67. I remember the old side valve engine was on its last legs as we came up Sutton Bank on the return journey. They all had to get out and push it up the last 100 ft.

I decided to recondition the engine after that trip and did all the necessary. I did (I think) a handsome repaint in two tone navy blue and light grey which is what you see in the picture. The mudguards were edge lined in iced blue and I eventually white walled the tyres. The bumpers were silver and black. I remember I painted a big red 18" wide go faster arrow on the grey roof to remind it which way to go!

Sadly when it came to putting the wagon back on the road, the MOT test had become law and it failed on a major corrosion crack in the chassis. All my good work went to the scrap yard.

The experience was worth it though! My next car was my Dad's Riley 1.5 - a bit nippier but much less of a character.I'd love a model if I could get hold of one."

Thanks for the photos and story Dave, great stuff! I suppose there might be a slight chance that HKW 936 escaped the scrapman's torch, but sadly it is unlikely (sob).

Please do not reproduce any item found on this website in any format, or hotlink directly to images hereon, thanks.